Ways to Give Real Estate

Outright Gift

Your Objective

  • You would like to support the future of the University of Florida with a significant personal contribution that could help you receive an immediate charitable income-tax deduction.
  • You own a property that is not in use, such as a vacation home, an investment property that has become a hassle or a highly appreciated property you are hesitant to sell due to substantial capital-gains taxes.
  • You want to avoid the process of selling your property.

Your Benefits

  • Receive an immediate charitable income-tax deduction for the property’s full fair market value
  • Avoid capital-gains taxes on the property’s appreciation
  • Bypass the hassle of selling the property
  • For certain properties, avoid depreciation recapture through an outright charitable donation
  • Eliminate the burdens of property ownership
  • Reduce your taxable estate

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