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Troubleshooting: Browser Caching

Advancement Toolkit Website Troubleshooting: Browser Caching

Your Web browser stores copies of pages you visit, including images and even sometimes redirect locations. This is called browser caching and the repository in which your browser stores these files is called the cache. If you are trying to view changes to a page or redirect you just recently visited, you may be unable to see the changes due to the previous version of the page being stored in your cache.

There are two solutions that should allow you to see the changes that were made:

Use your browser’s privacy mode

See this article for instructions on accessing your particular browser’s privacy mode. Try accessing the page or using the redirect in the freshly created privacy mode window.

Clear your browser’s cache

This WikiHow article explains how to clear your cache in most major browsers. Once you have cleared your cache, you can try access the page or using the redirect again. If the changes still do not show, you may need to clear your cache again and then restart your browser.