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Requesting Website Work

Advancement Toolkit Website Requesting Website Work


  1. Access the project proposal form –
  2. Select Website Request and select your information
  3. Add a website request
  4. Complete the request details
  5. Your request will be reviewed
  6. If approved and assigned, you will be able to track the status of your request

Access the project proposal form –


Select your project type


Select your department


Select your name


Enter your project name

Please provide a succinct project name that differentiates your project. (example: November 2019 updates to roster)


Click the “Add Website Request” button

You will be taken to the Add Email Marketing Request screen.

Important note for mobile users: You must first save the request before the Add Website Request button will be available to you.


Select the type of website request

  • Report error – report functionality that does not work or missing pages
  • Report incorrect information – report misspellings or inaccurate content
  • Add content to page (text, photo, etc.) – add new content
  • Update content (text, photo, etc.) – make changes to existing content (including a redline PDF is very helpful with these requests)
  • Propose new page – add a page to the site (note that this is just a proposal and requests to add pages are subject to approval by communications leadership)
  • Fund – Update fund page content – add or update content (text, photo, video, etc.) on a fund (giving opportunity) page
  • Fund – Request Vanity URL – request a vanity URL to a fund for print (Note: you will need an appeal code in order to submit your request)
  • Fund – Update Vanity URL – update an existing vanity URL
  • Fund – Request Triggered Message – add a message block to fund page accessed through a vanity URL or appeal code
  • Other

Enter the URL to be updated and the specific instructions (if requesting Vanity URL, skip to Enter the vanity URL details)

URL to be updated
Please enter the full URL (complete with https://) that requires updating
Specific Update Instructions
If your updates are simple, you can enter them here. If they are more complex, you can attach PDFs or redline Word documents (see Attach Files, next step).

Attach your files

Add Files
Click on the appropriate button to add that type of file to your email marketing request.

Skip to Click the green save button.


Enter the vanity URL details

Where the vanity will be used
Select the intended use from the dropdown
Redirect to
Vanity URLs can either send users to the fund page (with fund description and other details) or the giving form (with the desired fund pre-selected)
Vanity Name (
This is what you want to come after in the URL – note that this cannot accept spaces or special characters – do not re-enter here
Fund Number
Enter the full fund number (009311) to be serviced by the vanity URL
Appeal Code (required)
Enter the appeal code you received from Annual Giving
Default Amount
If you would like the giving form to default to a specific giving amount, enter that here

Click the green Save button

This button should be fixed in the upper-right corner of your screen.You will see the Project Status & Update Form

What happens next?

Your project will be reviewed by Strategic Communications and Marketing leadership during its weekly meeting. From there, your project will either be assigned to a project leader or flagged for follow-up.

If your project is assigned, you will receive a confirmation that your project has been assigned, including the members of the project team.

All project management notifications come from – please be sure to add this address to your contacts.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your request’s dashboard. Please save this email. You can use the link provided in your confirmation email to view the project status at any time and provide any comments or notes to the project leader and project team.

Synopsis of Project & Email Marketing Request Statuses

  • Proposed – The default project state – your project has not been processed for review.
  • In Review – Your project has been processed and is ready for Strategic Communication and Marketing leadership review.
  • Assigned – Your project proposal has been accepted and a project leader has been assigned.
  • In Progress – The project team is actively working on your project.
  • With Collaborator – The project team has submitted proofs to you for review and is waiting on your response.
  • Scheduled – You have approved your proof(s) and the email is scheduled for send.
  • Delivered – Your email has been sent.
  • Completed – All emails have been sent and any post-project review is complete.
  • On Hold – The start of your project has been delayed until the date noted in the Proposed Project Start Date field.
  • Cancelled – You requested the cancellation of your project and/or email marketing request.
  • Follow Up – The leadership team needs more information before making a decision on your project. Someone from Strategic Communications and Marketing will contact you for the required information.
  • Not Assigned – The leadership team has not accepted your project proposal. Someone from Strategic Communications and Marketing will contact you with additional information.

If you have any questions, contact Jason Phenicie (