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Campaign Logo

The consistent and proper use of the campaign logo not only strengthens recognition for UF’s Go Greater Campain but also projects the university’s established reputation onto the many initiatives associated with the campaign.

The campaign logo pictured above anchors the entire visual identity system. It is used on all campaign communications, and its effectiveness relies on consistent presentation.

1) Block UF
The campaign’s Block UF is the visual connector of the university to the Go Greater campaign. The Block UF should be displayed with the wordmark at all times, and never used alone to identify the university or its units.

2) The wordmark
The wordmark is an adjusted letterform version of the campaign name “GO GREATER”. It cannot be replicated through typesetting.

3) The logo
Together the Block UF and wordmark are known as the campaign logo.

Logo Configurations

There are three approved configurations of the logo – stacked, vertical and horizontal. These 3 versions are distinct and should not be recreated. Download approved files here.

Minimum Size

When reproducing the campaign logo, be conscious of its size and legibility. A signature that is too small ceases to serve any useful communication function.

Print – The Block UF should not appear smaller than 3/8″ (0.375″) tall in print.

Web – The minimum size of the Block UF on screen is 36 pixels tall, but 50 pixels tall is preferred if possible.

UF Logos

Primary Logos:

The University of Florida has both vertical and horizontal variations of the signature to meet differing design needs. Together they comprise the university’s signature system. Visit the UF Brand Center to download primary logos.

Secondary Logos:

Official signatures have been developed for use by individual colleges, units, departments, schools, administration, centers, institutes and extended campus units. Visit the UF Brand Center to download secondary logos.

UF Advancement & Foundation Logos

Foundation Logos for Download

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Advancement Logos for Download

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Alumni Affairs Logos for Download

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UF Block Logos

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UF Resource

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