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Go Greater Campaign Style Guide

This guide provides the original core branding of our campaign communications. Individual elements evolved as we solved new communications problems and the campaign brand matured.

Branding Guides

Quick UF Logo Guide

Review logo do’s and don’ts.

Fuchs Name Style Guide

Learn the proper use of Fuchs, Fuchs’, Fuchses and Fuchses’.

UF Color Values

Division Name Style

College/ Unit Style Guide

Style Guide for College/ Unit Advancement

Branding Workshop Videos

On February 15 and 16 branding workshops were held to share the Go Greater Campaign communications framework and provide examples of how colleges and units might implement those elements to craft a coordinated branding and messaging effort. These videos reflect those workshops:

  • Videos 1-4: strategic session focuses on campaign planning and strategy development.
  • Videos 5-7: tactical session focuses on the campaign style guide and toolkit and on adaptation and implementation at the college and unit level.

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