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Advancement Toolkit Stand Up & Holler: Gator Nation Giving Day Email to Students for Colleges & Units

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TO: Currently Enrolled Students
FROM: Colleges and Units
SUBJECT: Be Counted and Give to YOUR College

Be a Part of UF’s Big Day!
All for the Gators, remember: All gifts count.

Dear Student,

I’m excited to reach out to you during Stand Up & Holler: Gator Nation Giving Day. This is a big day for the University of Florida, and I hope you’ll join me in “standing up” for Insert College or Unit Name.

Gifts of any size keep UF strong and bolster our rise in national rankings, increasing the value of a degree from the university. You can help us by supporting insert mission, purpose or passion of the unit. Last year, UF received over 16,900 gifts, and our goal this year is even more ambitious: 20,000 gifts in 24 hours. We’ll need every Gator to get us there!

Give Now

Remember, gifts of all sizes are welcome; what matters most is that every Gator gives. Can we count you in? Please join alumni, friends, and family members by donating now.

And don’t forget to check our Giving Day progress and scroll the #AllForTheGators hashtag!

Go Gators!


University of Florida

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