Giving Day Donor Acknowledgement Letter

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Acknowledging Giving Day Donors

We want to ensure that those that gave during Stand Up & Holler: Gator Nation Giving Day are specially thanked. Here are some tips when writing your college/unit acknowledgement:

  • Be sure to use the donor’s preferred name or salutation, found in Advance
  • Do not include the dollar amount of their gift
  • Remember to specifically thank the donor for making a gift on Giving Day
  • Consider customizing your letter based on the donor type: faculty/staff vs. alumni/friends
  • Include designation type or fund name, i.e.Scholarship, programmatic, faculty
  • Acknowledge certain gifts with more customization, i.e. gifts-in-kind, pledge payments, deferred gifts, etc.
  • Keep it short and sweet, two to three brief paragraphs are recommended
  • Mail or email acknowledgement within one week of receiving the Gift Report

Sample Language

The example below is meant only as a guide. Remember to personalize and add your college’s own unique voice to your acknowledgement letter.

Dear {Salutation}

Thank you for your support during UF’sfourth annual Gator Nation Giving Day. We heard your holler loud and clear here at [THE COLLEGE/UNIT], and we are so grateful!Through your gift to support [DESIGNATION], you are [DESCRIBE IMPACT: helping to ensure our students have the resources to succeed, providing critical funds to ensure our programs, faculty and students continue to flourish, etc.].

Again, thank you for your generosityand for being All for the Gators!

cc: Relationship Manager or other key party