Training and Frequently Asked Questions

Advancement Toolkit Event Marketing & Management Training and Frequently Asked Questions

Cvent account access is contingent upon the completion of several training modules. Contact Martha Jakab, digital applications manager, to begin this process.

There are numerous resources available for Cvent to help you maximize functionality and user experience.


Cvent Training Modules

Once you have completed a full learning plan, you will be able to download a certificate of completion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cvent offers extensive documentation, particularly in the Knowledge Base section of the website. Please search first for your question/topic as documentation provided is the most timely and accurate.

For example, if you’re looking to test credit card numbers, there is an article exclusively dedicated to which numbers to use for each major provider.

Appeal codes: 

The appeal code should be in the link or URL you are putting on the summary page or email.

Add this to the end of the link:  /?appeal=codegoeshere


Popular troubleshooting articles:

Videos guides:

  1. How do I add order details?
  2. How I copy Gift Processing to registrations? 
  3. How do I link back to the summary page from the email invitation? 
  4. How do I configure the email opt-out to remain CAN-SPAM compliant with event-related communications?
  5. How do I print an invoice?