Cvent: Event Marketing & Management

Advancement Toolkit Cvent: Event Marketing & Management

Cvent Overview

Cvent is used for event marketing and management with email invitations, summary website, registration, attendee check-in and reporting functionality.

Cvent is available for Development-related events only and is the approved platform to collect event-related monies. Cvent requests are contingent upon approval from a Development Officer.

Access to the system is granted through the UF Advancement Digital Communications team upon the successful completion of three required webinars. Please contact Martha Jakab, digital applications manager, to begin this process.

If you are planning a free event, please contact Martha to discuss alternative avenues to promote and manage as Cvent is fee-based.


Consider Cvent set up as a precursor to your event that also requires planning and consideration. The recommended timeline from the day you request event management to event launch is at least 10 weekdays. Some events require additional time, especially those spanning multiple days and/or sessions.

Please keep in mind that there is a testing and approval phase for all Cvent requests through UF Advancement Digital Communications. To expedite this process, project sponsors are highly encouraged to test their forms before submitting for formal testing.

Cvent requests are handled through Quickbase, a project management system. With just a few steps, you’re project proposal will be in queue:

  1. Access the project proposal form –
  2. Complete the project proposal form
  3. Add one or more Cvent marketing requests
  4. Complete the request details:
    • Event date
    • Registration launch date
    • Expected attendance
    • Fund name, number and administrator
  5. Your request will be reviewed, approved and assigned within 1-2 days.


10Event submitted to Quickbase project queue,, for review by Digital Communications
9 - 8Project approved and assigned to Martha by Digital Communications; notification email sent to sponsor with “ready to launch” link
7 - 5Sponsor builds building summary page, event emails and registration form
4 - 3Sponsor tests all aspects of their Cvent project; if there are issues with functionality and/or errors, contact Cvent support
2 - 1Sponsor clicks “ready to launch” link in previously mentioned notification email; Martha receives confirmation, tests functionality of Cvent project and sends to Digital Communications leadership for final approval
0Cvent project is launched and sponsor is notified via a Quickbase email


Best Practices

Registrations depend on how clear, concise and straightforward your event description and event page are presented. Consider who will be attending and what information is critical for their decision. In addition to the basics of date, time, location and cost, consider including details like parking information, dress code, hotel accommodations and a map of campus.

The most common events include:

  • Reunions
  • Tailgates
  • Fundraising
  • Career Fairs

Email Functionality

You can set up all of your event-related communications via Cvent. This includes save-the-date notifications, registration open alerts, confirmation of registration and any follow-up messaging. Individual lists of up to 50K records can be uploaded. If your list is larger than, simply segment for multiple sends.

Emails must include a physical UF address and an unsubscribe option for CAN-SPAM compliance. Registration confirmations and reminders should include order information.

Themes & Templates

Your event management tool is an extension of your event and likewise of the UF brand.  Cvent offers several pre-built themes that ensure both style (colors and font) and functionality.  There are six UF-specific templates that include more comprehensive fields for enhanced branding and event management.

Looking for inspiration or seeking a more comprehensive visual solution? Browse through Cvent’s Visual Showcase.

Template Previews

Orange & Blue Traditions

Ideal for reunions and tailgates. Swap out the image to customize.

Orange & Blue Triangles

This unique layout design guides readers through the content.

Orange Tower

Simple and classic, this layout is clean and the text is easy to read.

Blue Tower

Simple and classic, this layout is clean and the text is easy to read.

Tee Time

Perfect for golf-themed fundraising events.

Blue Circles

Modern and energetic, this design works across many types of functions.

Cvent Training

Cvent account access is contingent upon the completion of several training modules. Contact Martha Jakab, digital applications manager, to begin this process.

Once you have completed a full learning plan, you will be able to download a certificate of completion.


Cvent offers extensive documentation, particularly in the Knowledge Base section of the website. Please search first for your question/topic as documentation provided is the most timely and accurate.

For example, if you’re looking to test credit card numbers, there is an article exclusively dedicated to which numbers to use for each major provider.

Appeal codes: 

The appeal code should be in the link or URL you are putting on the summary page or email.

Add this to the end of the link:  /?appeal=codegoeshere

This is an example:

Frequently accessed troubleshooting articles:

Videos guides on specific topics:

  1. How do I add order details?
  2. How I copy Gift Processing to registrations? 
  3. How do I link back to the summary page from the email invitation? 
  4. How do I configure the email opt-out to remain CAN-SPAM compliant with event-related communications?
  5. How do I print an invoice?