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Requesting Email Schedule-Review-Send (ESRS)

Advancement Toolkit Email Marketing Requesting Email Schedule-Review-Send (ESRS)


Selected units/users create their own emails directly in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and then submit them to the Digital Communications team for scheduling, review, data loading and sending.

Please allow for a two business day turnaround.

  1. Access the project proposal form –
  2. Select ESRS Request and select your information
  3. Add an ESRS request and complete the required details
  4. Your request will be reviewed
  5. Once your request is approved and assigned, you will receive an email notification – save this email
  6. Click the appropriate link in your request assigned notification when your email is ready in Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  7. You will receive a notification when your email is scheduled
Schedule Review Send (ESRS)

Schedule Review Send (ESRS)

Video Instructions - Part 1

Video Instructions - Part 2

Step-by-Step Instructions


Access the project proposal form –


Select the ESRS project type


Select your department


Select your name


Enter your project details

  1. Please provide a succinct project name that differentiates your project and accurately describes your email.
  2. Set your project due date to one week after your desired send date. This will allow time to collect email performance statistics and report them back to you.
  3. Add a brief description of the email. Do not add full details here, those will be entered on the ESRS request form.

Click the “Add Email Schedule-Review-Send Request” button

You will be taken to the Add Email Marketing Request screen.

Please note: If you are sending a series of related emails, you can add multiple ESRS requests to the same project. If the emails are unrelated, they should be entered under separate projects.

Important note for mobile users: You must first save the request before the Add Email Schedule-Review-Send Request button will be available to you.


Enter the email’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SMC) information

Business Unit
Select your SMC business unit
Salesforce Email Name
Enter the name of your email as it appears in Salesforce
Additional Source Information
If you have created a folder structure within Salesforce, please enter the path to the email. Example: Solicitations > 2018 > April

Enter the category of details about the audience for your email


Enter your desired send date

Enter your desired send date. If you haven’t already submitted your data request, the system will give you a recommended date by which you should submit your request.

Important Date & Data Notes

  • Your data file must be attached to your request no later than two business days before your scheduled send date.
  • The Digital Communications team will make every attempt to meet your requested send date. If there are scheduling conflicts, we will select the next best date and notify you.

Enter your email header information

Even if you have preset these values in SMC, entering them here ensures that your email is sent as desired.

Sender Display Name
This is the name from which your email will appear to come.
Sender Email
This is the email address from which your email will be sent.
Call to Action Title
You do not need to complete this field.

Enter your data & recipient details

Briefly describe your recipients. This assists us in ensuring we’re using the correct data from the file that you provide.

Seed Addresses
Include the email addresses of people within your unit (or external) who are not part of the target audience, but should receive an FYI copy of the email. If you already have a seed list established, indicate the name of that here.
A/B Testing
Check this box and complete the details if you intend to do A/B testing with this email. Note that A/B testing requires additional planning and your data must be requested appropriately. Contact Digital Communications for information.

Upload your data file

Click the Add Data File button under “Body Content, Artwork & Files” and follow complete the fields to upload your data file.

You do not need to upload anything for body, artwork or other files.

If you do not have your data file yet, you can return to the request and upload it later. Your confirmation email will include a link to the request dashboard, which will show you the status of your request as well as allow you to upload files.


Click the green Save button

This button appears at the bottom of the form and fixed in the upper-right corner of your screen. You will see the Project Status & Update Form

All project management notifications come from – please be sure to add this address to your contacts.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your request’s dashboard. Please save this email. You can use the link provided in your confirmation email to view the project status at any time and provide any comments or notes to the project leader and project team.


Advancement Strategic Communications reviews your request

Once approved, you will receive a “Request Assigned” email. Please save this email as it contains the link you will need to notify Advancement Digital Communications that your email is fully built and ready for final review.


Build your email

Build or complete the build of your email in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Please be sure that the “Salesforce Email Name” field matches the email name in Salesforce.


Click the “Email Ready for Review & Scheduling” link

Your Request Assigned email contains this link. You may also find this link on your request dashboard (link to the dashboard is included in both your confirmation email and the Request Assigned email). Clicking this link begins the final part of the process.

What happens next?

Your completed email will be reviewed by Digital Communications leadership. Once approved, Advancement Digital Communications will load your data and schedule your email.

You will receive a notification confirming your scheduling details.

Synopsis of Project & Email Marketing Request Statuses

  • Proposed – The default project state – your project has not been processed for review.
  • In Review – Your project has been processed and is ready for Strategic Communication and Marketing review.
  • Assigned – Your project proposal has been accepted and a project leader has been assigned.
  • In Progress – The project team is actively working on your project.
  • AVP Approval – Advancement Strategic Communications leadership is reviewing your email.
  • With Sponsor – The project team has submitted proofs to you for review and is waiting on your response.
  • Sponsor Action Required – The project team needs additional information from the sponsor, most likely the data file.
  • Scheduled – You have approved your proof(s) and the email is scheduled for send.
  • Delivered – Your email has been sent.
  • Completed – All emails have been sent and any post-project review is complete.
  • On Hold – The start of your project has been delayed until the date noted in the Proposed Project Start Date field.
  • Held – No Data – Your email is ready to send, but Advancement Digital Communications does not have your data. This will delay your email. Emails delayed for more than five days past the scheduled send date will be cancelled and you will need to submit a new request.
  • Cancelled – You requested the cancellation of your project and/or email marketing request.
  • Follow Up – The leadership team needs more information before making a decision on your project. Someone from Strategic Communications and Marketing will contact you for the required information.
  • Not Assigned – The leadership team has not accepted your project proposal. Someone from Strategic Communications and Marketing will contact you with additional information.

If you have any questions, contact Jason Phenicie ( or Monica Vosilla (

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