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Requesting Email Marketing

Advancement Toolkit Email Marketing Requesting Email Marketing


You can submit projects in advance – the system will give you deadlines for submitting copy and artwork that are closer to your intended send date.

Please allow for a minimum of a ten business day turnaround.

  1. Access the project proposal form –
  2. Complete the project proposal
  3. Add one or more email marketing requests
  4. Complete the request details
  5. Your request will be reviewed
  6. If approved and assigned, you will be able to track the status of your request

Be sure to request your data (allowing 3 weeks for data will help ensure timely delivery)
Please include your email request ID on your data request (you will receive this in your confirmation email)
Place the request ID below the line for “Log Number” at the bottom of your data request form.
If you have already submitted your data request, please attach your data request to your email request as a “Data”.


Access the project proposal form –


Select your project type


Select your department


Select your name


Enter your project details

Project Name
Please provide a succinct project name that differentiates your project. (example: DCP Spring 2017 Newsletters)
Project Proposed Start Date
This will default to the earliest available start date. If you are planning out in advance, please set this to the date when you plan to start focusing on the project.
Project Proposed Due Date
The final completion date for the project. All email marketing requests within the project should be scheduled to send on or before this date.
Project Description
Provide the general purpose of the project and a snapshot of what the project will entail.

Add any additional information

You can enter any additional information that you feel the project team may need to know that wasn’t covered by the previous fields. This information should cover all of the emails in your project. Don’t enter your individual email details here.


Click the “Add Website Request” button

You will be taken to the Add Email Marketing Request screen.
The project information and your information will be pre-populated:


Enter the basics of your individual email

Email Title
Similar to the project name, please provide a succinct email title that differentiates your request. (example: Digital Team Project Management Email 1)
Communication Type
Please select a category that describes the type of email you are sending. If none of the existing types are accurate, you can add a new choice.
Please provide the reason(s) for sending this particular email. (example: Informing communicators of new process for requesting email marketing)
Measured Goal
Enter what you are expecting to achieve with this email. Please be specific. You could expect a certain open rate (45% open rate), a minimum amount of money raised or a certain percentage increase in memberships or RSVPs (30 people attending the event), as examples. Someone from the Advancement Digital Communications team may follow-up with you for data on whether you met your goal.
Target Audience
A broad description of who you are targeting with this email communication. (example: CLAS alumni who graduated before 2000)

Enter your requested send date

Requested Send Date
This is the date you would like your final approved email to send.
Time of Day Sensitive
Select this if it is critical that the email go out by a certain date or a certain date and time. This is more likely to be for event or deadline-related emails.
Part of Another Communication Project
Select this if this email is part of a broader set of communications projects. (example: You are sending a report being designed by Creative Services by mail and then following up with this email.)
If you select this, you will be asked to detail how it fits in with the other project(s).
Acceptable Alternative Dates
While the Advancement Digital Communications team makes every effort to schedule your email for the date you have requested, it may be necessary to schedule it for an alternative date. You can prevent project delays by providing two or three alternative send dates.
Important Notes About Timelines

The project management system will create a timeline for you based on your requested send date (this will also be included in your confirmation email). These are the deadlines and dates required to meet your send date. You may submit materials and approvals earlier than the prescribed deadlines.

If you enter a requested send date that pushes the timeline back before the current date, you will receive the error on the right. You may still submit your request. It is recommended that you email the director of digital communications, Jason Phenicie ( after submitting your request to work out details.


Enter your email header information

Sender display name
This is the name you would like to have shown as the sender in your recipients’ email inbox.
Sender Email
This is the “From” address for your email. Note that all replies to your email will also go to this address. In compliance with anti-spam laws and regulations, the Advancement Digital Communications team is unable to set a different “reply to” email address.
Subject Line
This is the subject line your recipients will see in their inboxes.
Enter the text that you would like your recipients to see as the one-to-four line message preview in selected email clients. (You can read more about the pre-header here:
Personalization Tags
Check this box if you will require the use of personalization data tags in your email (subject line and/or body) such as “First Name.”
Call to Action
The call to action should be a URL that will likely be presented as a button in your sent email that directs the recipient to take some kind of action. It is strongly recommended that all emails have one clear call to action.
Appeal Code
If your call to action leads to a form that accepts appeal codes, enter your assigned appeal code so you can attribute the action to this specific email or email campaign.

Enter your recipient and data information

Recipient Description
Please provide a snapshot of the data you requested for your request. This helps the Advancement Digital Communications team verify that the correct data is in use.
Seed Addresses
Check this box if you have internal recipients that you would like to receive the email (likely as an FYI or for record-keeping) whose actions should not count toward the overall statistics and analytics for the email send.
A/B Testing
Check this box if you would like to utilize A/B testing for this email. If you select this option, you must detail your plan for A/B testing. Note that this will also change your draft approval and data receipt deadline (the system will automatically make the change).
Additional Information
Please enter any additional information that the Advancement Digital Communications team should know about the recipients and/or data. Additionally, if you have never used seed addresses before and have requested them, list your seed addresses here (or provide details if you wish to use different seeds than your usual seeds).

Enter your email footer information

Use standard footer
Check this to use the standard footer. The standard footer includes your unit’s logo (or the University of Florida signature), your unit’s name, physical address, phone number and website.
Display Sponsors
Check this to have your sponsors displayed in the email footer.
Social Icons
Check any social icons you wish to have appear in your footer. If you have not requested social icons before, please include the links to each in the “Additional Footer Information” field.
Additional Logo
Check this if your email is promoting something that has an additional sponsor. Be sure to provide the artwork file for the additional logo you require.
Additional Footer Information
Please enter any additional information that the Advancement Digital Communications team should know about the footer. If you requested social icons and have never used social icons before, please include the links to your requested social channels here.

Attach your files

Important note
If you are planning ahead and entering your project and accompanying email requests well in advance, you may not have some or any of your materials at this point. That is 100% fine. The system will allow you to add files to your request until the project enters the scheduled status. You can add files to your request using the dashboard URL from your confirmation email.

If you already have some or all of the materials, you can submit them at this time.

Add Files
Click on the appropriate button to add that type of file to your email marketing request.

Click the green Save & Close button

This button will be available in a fixed location in the upper-right corner of your screen and at the bottom of the form.

After the system saves your request, you will see the Project Status & Update Form.


Add any additional email marketing requests for your project

You will see a section detailing the existing email marketing requests for your projects.

You can click the “Add Email Marketing Request” button to add additional email marketing requests to your project.

Note: You may only add new email marketing requests to your project while it is in the proposed stage. Once your project is assigned, you will be unable to add additional requests.

What happens next?

Your project will be reviewed by Strategic Communications and Marketing leadership during its weekly meeting. From there, your project will either be assigned to a project leader or flagged for follow-up.

If your project is assigned, you will receive a confirmation that your project has been assigned, including the members of the project team.

All project management notifications come from – please be sure to add this address to your contacts.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your request’s dashboard. Please save this email. You can use the link provided in your confirmation email to view the project status at any time and provide any comments or notes to the project leader and project team.

Synopsis of Email Marketing Request Statuses

  • Proposed – Your request is pending and has not been reviewed by Strategic Communications and Marketing leadership.
  • In Queue – Your project is assigned and is in the work queue.
  • Collaborator Action Required – We need something from you in order to move the project forward. No work is done during this status.
  • AVP Approval – The request is in our internal approval queue.
  • With Collaborator – The project team has submitted proofs to you for review and is waiting on your response.
  • Ready to Schedule – You have approved your proof(s), we have your data, and the email is ready for scheduling.
  • Delivery – Your email is scheduled or has been delivered.
  • Complete – All emails have been sent and any post-project review is complete.
  • Canceled by Collaboartor – You requested the cancellation of your project and/or email marketing request.
  • Not Assigned – The leadership team has not accepted your project proposal. Someone from Strategic Communications and Marketing will contact you with additional information.

If you have any questions, contact Jason Phenicie (