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Requesting Email Marketing

Advancement Toolkit Email Marketing Requesting Email Marketing


All email requests are routed through the project management system, Follow the prompts to complete the request form with the necessary information to assess and assign the work to the UF Advancement Digital Communications Team. Your project will either be assigned to a project leader or flagged for follow-up within two business days.


Once assigned, allow for a minimum of a five full business day turnaround on your email request(s). We recommend working in advance as possible and padding at least three to five additional days to your request. The system will automatically provide deadlines for submitting final copy and artwork that are closer to the intended send date.

Standard Email Timeline & Deadlines
Submitted to project management portal 7 business days before send date
All final materials submitted 5 business days before send date
Draft produced At least 3 business days before send date
Final approval deadline At least 1 business day before send date
Send date Send date


Instructions for Submitting an Email Marketing Request


Navigate to and select "New Digital Project Proposal."

Once you navigate to and select “New Digital Project Proposal,” you’ll see options for email marketing, Cvent event management, ESRS and website requests. Select email marketing.


Add your information from the pulldown menus.

Add project details starting with the name which should clearly differentiate the project (e.g. 2024 Departmental Newsletter, Summer Update for COM Graduates). Consider the project an umbrella for the individual request(s) that you’ll subsequently submit.


Add email marketing request.

You can have multiple email requests in a project. The system will account for this if you select that there are multiple sends in a campaign.


Follow the prompts to thoroughly complete the additional form sections.

Follow the prompts to add relevant information to support the execution of your email requests. There are five sections to complete on the form:

  1. Purpose & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    Follow the prompts to outline email goals and how you define success.
  2. Audience & Data
    The digital communications team does not provide or request data. Effective with all emails sent after March 18, 2024, email data MUST come from the Ascend CRM. The Digital Engagement team will not be able to accept data from external sources, with the exception of suppression lists.
  3. Send Date & Timeline
    The project management system will create a timeline for you based on your requested send date (this will also be included in your confirmation email). These are the deadlines and dates required to meet your send date. You may submit materials and approvals earlier than the prescribed deadlines. If you enter a requested send date that pushes the timeline back before the current date, you will receive the error.  Contact the director of digital communications, Monica Vosilla ( to work out details.
  4. Set-Up 
    Follow the prompts for how your email will be packaged with sender display name, reply-to email address, subject line and preview text. If you’d like assistance with your subject line and preview text, we are happy to provide options based on best practices. Select “please assist” or “I have provided a suggestion.”
  5. Content
    All art and copy should be fully completed and approved before submitting as part of an email marketing request. Due to our tight timeline, editorial changes and/or art changes will result in your email needing to be rescheduled. Check the “I certify that all the materials I am submitting or will submit for this request are the proofed final versions.” to confirm that you acknowledge that all materials you are submitting are pre-approved.

Scroll to the bottom of the Content section and click the save button to submit. 


Add any additional email marketing requests for your project.

Click the “Add Email Marketing Request” button to add additional email marketing requests to your project.

Note: You may only add new email marketing requests to your project while it is in the proposed stage. Once your project is assigned, you will be unable to add additional requests.

Monitoring Your Request

Your project will be reviewed by the Digital Communications team within two working days. From there, your project will either be assigned to a project leader or flagged for follow-up.

If your project is assigned, you will receive a confirmation that lists the member(s) of the project team.

All project management notifications come from – please be sure to add this address to your contacts.

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to your request’s dashboard. Save this email. You can use the link provided in your confirmation email to view the project status at any time and provide any comments or notes to the project leader and project team.

Glossary: Email Marketing Request Statuses

  • Proposed – Your request is pending and has not yet been reviewed.
  • In Queue – Your project is assigned and is in the work queue.
  • AVP Approval – The request is in our internal approval queue.
  • With Sponsor – The project team has submitted proofs to you for review and is waiting on your response.
  • Sponsor Action Required – The project team needs additional information from the sponsor, most likely the data file.
  • Ready to Schedule – You have approved your proof(s), we have your data, and the email is ready for scheduling.
  • Delivery – Your email is scheduled or has been delivered.
  • Complete – All emails have been sent and any post-project review is complete.
  • Canceled by Collaborator – You requested the cancellation of your project and/or email marketing request.
  • Not Assigned – The leadership team has not accepted your project proposal. Someone from Strategic Communications and Marketing will contact you with additional information.

If you have any questions, contact Jason Phenicie ( or Monica Vosilla (