Testing & Optimization

Advancement Toolkit Email Marketing Testing & Optimization

There is a two-day testing and approval phase for all email requests through UF Advancement Digital Communications. We ensure that all emails sent are fully optimized for a variety of formats and uphold UF brand standards, and CAN-SPAM standards.


This is the quality assurance check for the email marketing process.

This is the quality assurance check for the email marketing process.

Litmus - A Proofing Tool

UF Advancement uses Litmus to review email drafts, check for code errors, confirm optimization across devices and numerous email platforms, and account for light and dark modes. Once our team is satisfied with the integrity of the email, a Litmus proof is sent to the project sponsor (via their UF email address) for review.

Litmus provides desktop and mobile previews, along with views of the email across email platforms. Project sponsors can share these previews with their leadership or collaborators, note corrections for the digital communications team and mark approval status.

Here are examples of the Litmus previews from wireframe 8:

Desktop view of an email proof in Litmus

Proofs across the most popular email service providers


“ARE YOUR MARKETING EMAILS ILLEGAL? HOW TO COMPLY (AND THRIVE) WITH THE CAN-SPAM” https://www.mirabelsmarketingmanager.com/blog/how-to-comply-with-the-can-spam-act/