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Our Voice

It’s the beating heart at the core of all our communications. If our message is what we say, our voice is how we say it. Use these guidelines to breathe life into our story and give it meaning, conveying who we are, what we do and why it all matters.

These short paragraphs are the basis for telling our story at the highest level. Use it to set the tone for your writing. More than a collection of phrases, these lines help us translate our brand strategy to audience-facing language, and form the spark that inspires our audiences to pay attention.



    Big thinking occurs in the unlikeliest of spaces.
    Genius thrives in the places where science bumps into art,
    technology meets humanity, and sandy shores surround
    the fertile groundwhere solutions grow.



    And that’s why we’re here.
    On the cutting edge of a continent.
    On the brink of a new horizon.
    In sight of two coastlines.



    And when the brightest minds come together with
    the vast resources of this one-of-a-kind environment,
    something extraordinary can happen.



    Invention finds purpose at the intersection
    of the abstract and the concrete. Solutions
    gain magnitude where analysis and creativity converge.



    Ambitions are propelled when limitless potential
    meets boundless opportunity.
    Imagination gets direction where knowledge is shared,
    concepts are combined, and innovation is unleashed.



    Here, engineering shapes medicine,
    agriculture gains optics,
    entrepreneurship is set to music,
    philosophy is informed by data,
    astronomy is grounded by design,
    and impossibilities become reality.



    The ideas that go on to change the world.
    They’re launching from right here.



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