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Graphic Elements & Visuals

Advancement Toolkit Branding & Style Graphic Elements & Visuals

Graphic Elements

Using these common elements when possible can save time and energy. More importantly, they help unify and strengthen the campaign brand.



Flight Lines – Examples of Variations

Flight lines represent the global reach of the university’s efforts. The overlapping and intersection of the lines represent the spirit of collaboration as we come together to Go Greater. There is no single appropriate execution of these graphic elements. We have created some that you can download, but we urge you to create and share new versions that suit the particular communications piece you are creating. Below are examples of ones we have created.




Color as Narrative Element

The driving force of the Go Greater campaign is its orange and blue colors. Used individually, or in tandem, orange represents the emotional motivator (feeling) and blue represents the practical application (doing). Using these colors consistently as narrative elements illustrates the impact of UF and how we Go Greater.