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Fonts & Typography

When used thoughtfully, typography becomes a powerful brand tool that can add visual meaning to what we say. Our typography communicates clearly and cleanly, with enough flexibility for a wide range of situations. Our communications use four very different typefaces that work together to bring our story to life. They each have their own strengths, so use the following section to guide your typographic choices.



Typography is a vehicle for our brand voice, contributing to how our messages are read and communicated. Gentona is the primary workhorse for our communications. A wide display typeface called Obviously performs well as an accent to pair with Gentona, or on its own in headlines.

Used together, these two typefaces create a clear hierarchy and keep our content legible and engaging. We use Billion Dreams and Newsreader in smaller and more specialized capacities, which are explained in the following pages.


Gentona is a clean, friendly typeface that we use frequently and in a variety of ways. Its simple letterforms convey technical precision at lighter weights, and bold impact at heavier weights, so it can be used for virtually any typographic application. Because of its simplicity, Gentona pairs well with our more expressive accent typefaces. Put simply, it’s the keystone to a consistent, recognizable brand for UF.



Tiempos is a hardworking, modern serif typeface. Tiempos Text takes the functionality of Plantin and Times, gently updating it for contemporary use. It’s robust and clear, perfect for economic and legible typesetting. Tiempos Headline is designed for larger headline sizes, striking a balance between practicality and elegance. Tiempos Fine keeps the proportions and letterfit of Tiempos Headline, and intensifies the interplay between warm curves and sharp details.



Gotham is a bold, iconic sans serif typeface. Four different widths in a range of weights, plus deep character sets, extended language support, and versions for different media, combine to make Gotham a powerful and indispensable design.



Billion Dreams is a handwritten typeface chosen to evoke ideas that are scribbled during a brainstorm. It adds a more expressive, personal touch to our brand language. It’s best used for a few key words in a headline or subhead, not for long runs of text.

Typesetting Note: Relying on InDesign’s default optical and metrics kerning is not recommended for this font. Due to its expressive nature, Billion Dreams requires custom kerning to ensure that all its letters connect seamlessly.