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Go Greater campaign elements are created to complement the existing UF brand typography, Gentona. As the primary typeface, Gentona is often used in headlines or emphasized in the first line of body copy, but can also be used throughout. It is a modern, clean, sans serif.

To request a Gentona font license visit


In keeping with the collaborative nature of UF, our campaign introduces a new typeface to complement the UF brand typography (Gentona and Quadon). The serif typeface, Alegreya, set primarily in italic, adds a layer of sophistication and complements the emotional narrative that shines throughout the Go Greater campaign. This font should only be used in campaign materials.

Alegreya is an open source font available for free at


In addition to creating tone, typefaces can be used together to create emphasis and a visual hierarchy that assists the reader with navigating your text. This can be achieved using fonts, weights, color and point size.

The combination of serif and sans serif fonts is a classic pairing, and Gentona and Alegreya are eminently compatible. Using one for headers and the other for body copy is a reliable way to create visual interest without complicating things.

As a Graphic Element

Typography adds tone to our text, and it can add impact and personality to a layout when used as a big and bold graphic element.

In addition to their utility, Gentona, Quadon and Alegreya were chosen as our university fonts for their beautiful lines, curves, and angles. Use them to their full advantage. Take them beyond the usual parameters. Try them large. Abstract. See what happens.