Style Guide


Advancement Toolkit Branding & Style Colors

Consistent use of color supports visual cohesion across our communications and leverages emotional resonance with our brand. When combined with photos of our people, places and work, color enhances the depth and increases the impact of our storytelling.

Primary Color Palette

PMS 172 Coated / 021 Uncoated
CMYK 0,80,100,0
RGB 250,70,22
HEX #fb6502

PMS 287 Coated/Uncoated
CMYK 100,60,0,20
RGB 0,48,135
HEX #00529b

Secondary Color Palette

CMYK 90,12,95,40
RGB 4,106,56
HEX #006b35

PMS 123 Coated / 128 Uncoated
CMYK 0,35,100,0
RGB 252,175,23
HEX #d5a736