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Advancement Toolkit Branding & Style

Telling Our Story

Welcome to the brand guide for University of Florida Advancement. This brand guide and its elements were developed as an addendum to the master UF Brand guidelines. These elements are intended to compliment the efforts already in market by UF and each individual unit, not replace them. The messaging and elements contained in this guide should only be used in support of fundraising efforts.


UF Advancement has a variety of logos, marks and graphics that express distinct facets of our identity. Here we provide practical, user-friendly tools and elements to create consistent, compelling, and useful materials that complement the UF Advancement Brand. We also show practical examples of how to use them. Our goal is to achieve greater clarity, consistency and cohesion for our communications.

Communication Guidelines


This section provides a framework for delivering different kinds of stories about UF, while speaking with a unified voice. Each of our colleges, faculties and departments has its own story to tell, and our task is to convey that unique spirit and identity through distinctive storytelling. At the same time, we have an opportunity to connect these stories to the University’s core values and characteristics. This helps create a cohesive view of the University and shows how every part of our community benefits from the greater whole.