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Telling Our Story

UF Advancement engages alumni and students, parents and friends, foundations and corporations to partner with UF and move the university forward.

Here you can access the tools, principles, artwork and guidelines to craft the messages that express the purpose and character of the UF Advancement and its initiatives.


Academy of Golden Gators

The UF Foundation National Board honors top donors at the annual Academy of Golden Gators event by recognizing the generosity and vision of the volunteers and philanthropists who enable UF to touch lives throughout the world.

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The mission of the UF Alumni Association is to foster and enhance the relationship between the University of Florida, its alumni and friends, and to support the University’s mission of teaching, research and service.

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There is no bond stronger than the one formed when you become a member of the Gator Nation. The Gator Nation knows no boundaries. The Gator Nation is everywhere.

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Block UF

The Block UF is the visual connector of the university to our Advancement departments. The Block UF should be displayed with a wordmark at all times, and never used alone to identify the university or its units.

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Foundation Board

The Executive Board is the fiduciary body that steers the UF Foundation towards a sustainable future by adopting sound policies, recommending actions on major strategic issues and ensuring adequate resources to help advance the mission of the university.


The National Board supports the Foundation’s efforts at the local level, in their respective communities across the country.

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The UF Alumni Association recognizes the 100 fastest-growing Gator businesses in the world through the Gator100.

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Go Gator

Go Gator is the campaign to promote the sale of the new UF specialty license plates.

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Grand Guard

The Grand Guard Society celebrates the rich history of The Gator Nation® and provides meaningful experiences for Gators who have reached the 50th anniversary of their first graduation. Each year we welcome a new class into the Grand Guard Society at events and activities during the reunion weekend.

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Grateful Gator Day

Each Grateful Gator Day, UF students, faculty and staff pause to celebrate the philanthropic generosity of those who donate to our beloved university. Event activities highlight the importance and impact of private support across the UF campus.

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Legacy Society

The UF Legacy Society honors the alumni, friends and parents who build their legacies through planned gifts and remembrances of UF in their estate plans. Our donors are humanitarians invested in UF’s excellence and that of future generations.

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Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars

Machen Florida Opportunity Scholarship (MFOS) assists historically low-income first-generation college students in meeting their college costs. First-generation in college is defined as neither of the student’s parents or legal guardians have earned a bachelor’s degree.

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Parent & Family Council

With membership in the Parent & Family Philanthropy Council (PFPC), parents become even more connected with the Gator Nation and their student’s college education. Membership requires a minimum $5000 donation to the Division of Student Life or area of choice.

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President’s Council

The President’s Council is the UF’s leadership recognition society. It’s named in honor of UF presidents, past and present, who have helped create and preserve UF’s legacy of excellence in research, education and service. Inclusion in the President’s Council is based on cumulative giving from generous alumni, friends and organizations.

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