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Widget Reference: Graph

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The graph widget provides your user with a visualization of a set of numbers. The line graph shows progression over a period (normally time) while the pie graph shows the numbers as an overall percentage.

Widget Settings

Choose between Line Graph (top of page, left) and Pie Chart (top of page, right).
This will appear at the top of the graph.
Click the “Add Data” button to add data rows. You can move the row through drag and drop. You can also insert and delete rows using the “+” and “-” buttons when you hover over the row, same as with the main widgets:

This is the label that will appear at the bottom of your line graph or in the side legend of your pie chart. Required.
The value associated with your label. These will display as dollar amounts, so only enter the numbers. On the pie chart, the system will automatically calculate each number’s percentage out of 100, so you can use real values, particularly if you may want to switch back to line graph at some point. Required.
You can customize the color associated with each number on your pie chart. Pie chart type only, required.