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The contact widget provides your user with easy access to your contact information. On the main dashboard, it will display “Contact” plus whatever contact field info you put in. When the user clicks on the widget, it expands to show your name, photo, email and phone number.

Widget Settings

A subtitle that appears under “CONTACT” on the main dashboard.
This will appear at the top of the expanded contact card. Example: “Your Relationship Manager”
Contact information from your profile (see Editing Your Profile):
You can edit your display name using the First Name and Last Name fields under Name on the Edit Profile page.
You can edit your email address using the Email field under Contact Info on the Edit Profile page. Required.
You can edit your phone number using the Phone field under User Info on the Edit Profile page.
You can set your image by uploading a 1:1 photo in the Image field under User Info on the Edit Profile page. The system will automatically crop the image to a circle, so you may want to check your image after uploading it.