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Preview & Publish Donor Page

Advancement Toolkit Advancement Pages Preview & Publish Donor Page

Previewing your donor page

You can check your work on your donor page without publishing it. There is a Publish metabox near the upper-right corner of the authoring page:

To preview your page, first click Save Draft. Once you receive the confirmation that your draft has been saved, click the Preview button. A preview of your page will appear in a new tab/window.

Publishing your donor page

When you are ready to publish your page and make it available to anyone with the password that you set, simply click the blue Publish button in the Publish metabox. After a few seconds, the page will refresh and you will get a notice that your page has been published.

Previewing and publishing additional changes to your donor page after publishing

After you publish your page for the first time, the Publish metabox will change:

Preview New Changes
When you make edits to your donor page, you can preview the changes by clicking the Preview Changes button in the Publish metabox.
Publish New Changes
Once you are good with your new changes, you can publish them by clicking the blue Update button in the Publish metabox.
“Unpublish” Your Page
If you need to “unpublish” your page, you just need to change the status. Click “Edit” next to the “Published” status to reveal the status options:
Select “Draft” and click OK. Click “Update” to commit your changes. After the page refreshes, your page will no longer be accessible outside of the author environment.

Other publish metabox options

If you need to revert back to a previous version of your page, you can click the “Browse” link next to Revisions to browse your previous saves.
Trash Your Page
If you will no longer need your page, you can delete it. Click the red “Move to Trash” link to the left of the Update button to trash your page. Pages in the trash are held for several days before being deleted permanently. If you should change your mind, submit a support ticket.