How To Guide

Editing Your Profile

Advancement Toolkit Advancement Pages Editing Your Profile

First Name / Last Name
Set your full name
Enter your UF email address. This will show when users access your contact block.
New Password
Click Generate Password to allow the system to generate a new password for you. You can then choose to keep the password or type your own.
If you are logged in to Advancement Pages on more than one computer, this button allows you to log out everywhere else but the current computer.
You can upload a square image that will show when your
users access your contact block.
Enter your contact phone number. This will appear in your contact block.

Advancement Pages does not use the following fields from the profile screen

  • Nickname
  • Display name publicly as
  • Website
  • Google+
  • Twitter username
  • Facebook profile URL

Be sure to click Update Profile to save your changes