Editing a Donor Page

Advancement Toolkit Advancement Pages Editing a Donor Page

If you just created your new page, skip to “Adding Widgets” below.

Click the Donors menu item in the upper-left corner of your screen. This will bring up a listing of donor pages for which you are the author.

Locate the donor page you wish to edit and hover in the line for that donor. Additional options will appear below the donor’s name: Edit, Quick Edit and View.

Click Edit.

This will bring up the donor page for editing.

Adding Widgets

On the author page, go to the Dashboard subsection under the Dashboard section and find the “Add Widget” button in the lower right corner:

You will see a selection of the available widgets:

Your selected widget will appear in the dashboard. You can set your widget’s options as needed. See the Widget Reference for details on setting each widget’s options.

Changing Widget Order

You can rearrange the order of widgets by dragging and dropping them. Place your cursor over the widget’s title then click and hold to “grab” the widget. You can then drag it into whatever order you would like:

You can make it easier to rearrange your widgets by collapsing them. To collapse the widget, click the upward facing triangle to collapse the widget:

You can then reorder the title bars without having to clear all of the options for the other widgets.

Click the arrow again to expand the widget.

Inserting New Widgets

You can insert a new widget above any existing widget. Simply hover over the title bar of the widget above which you wish to add a new widget. The + / – will appear. Click on the + button to bring up the list of available widgets:

Deleting Widgets

You can delete a widget from your dashboard, hover over the widget’s title bar and the + / – buttons will appear. Click the – button to delete the widget.
Important note: Once you delete a widget, all of its options will be permanently deleted.

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