How To Guide

Creating a New Donor Page

Advancement Toolkit Advancement Pages Creating a New Donor Page

For instructional purposes, we will create a new donor. Creating other people types is exactly the same, except you will select that person type on the left menu instead of Donors.

Click Donors in the WordPress menu (the bar/menu of choices on the left side of your screen):

You will see a listing of the donor pages for which you are the author (if this is your first time using Advancement Pages, your list will be empty):

Click the Add New button by the Donors heading. You will see a blank Donor page:

Required Fields for All Pages


The title should be your donor’s full name, including their middle initial if they typically use it. Once you enter the donor’s name, the system will give you the “permalink,” which is the link you will provide to your donor when you are ready for the donor to view the page.

You can right-click the permalink and choose Copy Link/Copy Location to copy the link for easy pasting into an email.


The password is what your donor will need to enter to access his/her custom page. Enter the password you wish for your donor to use in the password box in the right column of the page editor.

Featured Image
The featured image is the background image that is used for your donor from the login page to the main dashboard to the expanded widget views. A selection of UF images is available in the library or you may add one specifically for your donor.

Click the Add Image button in the Featured Image block in the right column of the page editor. The Select Image dialog will appear with the option to upload an image. If you wish to upload an image, please see Uploading Images & Media. To select an existing image, click Media Library in the upper left corner:

  1. Click the Media Library tab
  2. Click your desired folder from the list on the left (preloaded backgrounds are in Background Images)
  3. Click the image you wish to use
  4. Click the Select button

Completing the Page

  1. Add your widgets
  2. Publish your page (see Preview & Publish)