Talent Management

Retain, Develop & Acquire

Guarantees UF Advancement’s team is skilled and supported. Talent Management provides organizational architecture, ensures a safe and collaborative work environment, recruits and retains high-performing professionals, and supports employee development and wellbeing.

  • Retention and Talent Development: Engages and develops internal talent and academic leaders through deliberate professional development opportunities, training and programming
  • Talent Acquisition: Acquires and onboards national talent for strategic priority campaign positions
  • Organizational Development and Coaching: Launches a Talent Management partnership model that provides value-added tools and needs-based coaching to leaders
  • Strategic Planning and HR Excellence: Promotes mutual accountability through a comprehensive aligned strategic, business and performance-management process

Team Listing

Melissa Long
Executive Director of Talent Management
352-846-1127      click to email

Sonya Allen
Associate Director of Talent Acquisition
352-846-1128      click to email

Michael Amish
Associate Director of Talent Development
352-846-2046      click to email

Dereck Criner
Assistant Director, Talent Management & Strategic Planning
352-392-2829      click to email

Jessy John
Talent Management Administrator
352-392-5408      click to email

Naomi Kwiatkouski
Payroll and Compensation Administrator
352-392-5777      click to email

Alec Maratea
Administrative Assistant, OPS
352-392-6756      click to email

David Woods
Director of Employee Engagement
352-392-0743      click to email