Jennie Henderson Murphree Scholarship


The UWC Executive Board decided in 2002 to honor Jennie Henderson Murphree – the University of Florida’s first “First Lady” – with a University Women’s Club scholarship. Mrs. Murpree died in 1921, a year before the UWC was established. President Albert A. Murphree was instrumental in helping to organize the club when he called together 18 ladies to become charter members of what was at first known as the University of Florida Dames.

Jennie Henderson Murphree was the wife of Dr. Albert A. Murphree and served as first lady from 1909 until her death in 1921. Mrs. Murphree lived in a very gracious time early in the 20th Century when the university was new, the student population was small and all male, and the campus was marked by only a few buildings. Jennie was a graduate of Seminary West of Suwanee River with a bachelor of letters. All four of her children graduated from universities, including her two sons who graduated from UF.

Both the Murphrees had an abiding interest in University of Florida students. President Murphree, in fact, was said to have made a point of knowing the name and face of each student. Mrs. Murphree, who played the piano and who insisted that all her children learn to play various musical instruments, merged her love of music with her fondness for entertaining. Once a month she invited every college student to enjoy lemonade, cookies and music in the Murphree home. It was said that all involved always had a grand time, that the piano never stopped plinking and that the singing voices could be heard all the way to campus.

The Jennie Henderson Murphree Scholarship is awarded for excellence in leadership and service to the community.


Juniors or seniors with a 3.6 GPA or greater who demonstrate high scholarship, responsible leadership and give service to the university and/or the community.

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