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Grace Carlton Allen, wife of Dr. John S. Allen, was UF’s interim First Lady from 1954-55. She graduated from the University of Minnesota where she majored in English and secondary education. After graduation, she taught English in high school. Dr. and Mrs. Allen moved to Gainesville in 1948. In 1957, Dr. Allen was appointed to be the president of a newly established university in Tampa. Because the university was not scheduled to open until the fall of 1960, John and Grace Allen constituted – by themselves – what Tampa residents would soon come to recognize as the University of South Florida. As the charter faculty began arriving, Mrs. Allen founded the University of South Florida Women’s Club. This club raised the principal funds needed to endow the Grace Allen Scholarship in 1994, and it awarded 119 full tuition scholarships within its first 10 years of being established. The University of South Florida Women’s Club also created another endowed fund in Mrs. Allen’s name to provide additional funding for the university’s library. In October 1996, the University of South Florida awarded Mrs. Allen the honorary degree of Doctorate of Humane Letters.

Grace passed away in 2007.

The Grace Carlton Allen Scholarship is awarded for overall excellence in academics, leadership and service to the campus and community.


Juniors or seniors with a 3.6 GPA or greater who demonstrate responsible leadership and give service to the university and/or the community.

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