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Frequently Asked Questions

UF Loyal

What is UF Loyal?

UF Loyal recognizes committed donors who support the University of Florida with cash gifts of any amount for two or more consecutive fiscal years (July 1 – June 30).

How do I become a UF Loyal donor?

Make a cash gift of any amount for at least two consecutive fiscal years (July 1 – June 30) and you will automatically become a UF Loyal donor.

Give every fiscal year to maintain your recognition, and let us celebrate you – our most loyal donors!

Why does consistent annual support matter?

UF Loyal donors provide crucial ongoing support that makes so much possible across the university and beyond. By supporting our outstanding students and faculty, groundbreaking research and exceptional programs, UF Loyal donors ensure that a great UF experience will be available for generations to come.

What recognition will I receive?

Because giving annually is important and deeply appreciated, UF Loyal donors will receive special recognition throughout the year and when giving milestones are reached.

What happens if I miss a year?

If you miss a fiscal year, you will experience a lapse in UF Loyal recognition. UF Loyal status will be automatically reinstated when you make a cash gift of any amount for at least two consecutive fiscal years.

Which gifts count?

Cash gifts of any amount will establish and sustain your UF Loyal status.

Do pledges count?

UF Loyal recognizes donors who make cash gifts to the university every year. While pledges are not applied toward UF Loyal recognition, contributions made toward your pledges do count.

How do I contact you?

For more information or for questions about your UF Loyal status, please email or call (352) 392-7762.