As one of the world’s most far-reaching universities, UF’s programs touch almost all aspects of our lives: from health and recreation, to finances and food. The university has a number of signature programs that distinguish it from other universities. A few of them are the College of Education’s Anita Zucker Center for Excellence in Early Childhood Studies that’s giving children the foundation to reach their life potential; the interdisciplinary Biodiversity Institute that’s helping communities and governments prepare for a changing environment; and the Challenge 2050 Project, an initiative to solve the world’s looming food shortage by 2050 when scientists predict the Earth will no longer provide enough food for its population.

Philanthropists who support UF’s programs feed ingenuity and exploration, bring ideas to life and imagination to fruition. Their partnership enables UF to discover, cure, invent and deliver life-transforming marvels.


Giving Opportunities

Academy for Excellence Endowment

The Academy for Excellence Fund provides the resources which allow the college to initiate new ...

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Baker Barrios – Ray Acosta Fellowship

Supports graduate students enrolled in the School of Architecture's CityLab-Orlando Program.

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Design & Planning Career Fair

Supports the Design & Planning disciplines through the DCP Career Fair.

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Vendor Showcase

Supports the College of Design, Construction & Planning through the DCP Vendor Showcase.

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Climate Change and Affordable Housing

Project partners will build tools to identify the neighborhood housing submarkets in Florida at ...

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Construction Management Career Fair

Supports the M.E. Rinker, Sr., School of Construction Management through the BCN Career Fair.

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