Endowments are forever. That’s what makes them so powerful. Endowments are unending funding streams that guarantee timeless support for what’s important to the donor. Each year, 4 percent of the endowment goes directly to programs and activities designated by donors. That conservative withdrawal means the endowment will never disappear — which means it will continue feeding the university for generations to come. Endowments enable the university to look to the future with confidence that it will always have resources to discover and explore, to share knowledge, and to serve communities and families. Because of that, the value of an endowment is far more than the initial gift. The funds it generates are endless.

Growing UF’s endowments to $3 billion — that more than any other single campaign goal — will invigorate the university’s aspiration to Go Greater.


Giving Opportunities

Fred W. and Mabel H. Barber 4-H Endowment

Support Extension Program at the discretion of the dean.

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Kenneth and Laura Berns Genetics Institute Endowment

GA: support teaching, research and programs that enhance the Institute's mission to advance the field of genetics for the benefit of...

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Jim and Louise Berryhill Endowment

GA: support scholarship awards to students participating in sport of football.

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Marjorie T. Bowler Endowment

GA: support athletic scholarship for sport of football.

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Brill-Bornstein Scholarship for Internships

Pledge: support College of Journalism and Communication juniors and seniors with a minimum 3.0 GPA during their internship experience.

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