Our People & Work

We are a team of optimists and believers: dreamers and doers who come to work each day knowing that if we do a good job, someone else’s life will be better. We believe commitment matters, relationships and partnerships make us all stronger, and people rally around big ideas.

Those truths are the core of University Advancement. We know that when donors and the university come together to enlighten and explore, the beneficiaries are families and communities and people the world over. We engage alumni and students, parents and friends, foundations and corporations to partner with UF and move the university forward. And, more importantly, to address the things that are important to UF and its donors. Things like scholarships for Gators who might otherwise be left out because of college costs, professorships that attract and retain faculty stars, initiatives that empower the university to focus on real issues and societal problems, and innovative research that changes how our families and neighbors experience life.

UF Advancement bridges the gap between great and exceptional. State funding alone is roughly 18 percent of the university’s annual budget; private giving is often the difference in doing or not doing, exploring or not exploring, discovering or not discovering, solving or not solving.