Serve & Steward

Ensures ethical management of alumni and donor information, while providing high-quality financial, information and technology services. The team consists of Advancement Intelligence, Business Process Management, Computing Services, Facilities, Finance and Accounting, Program Management and Risk Management.

  • Donor Investment and Fund Management: Enhances the impact of donor investments
  • Data Integrity: Leverages relationships with university and industry partners to ensure data acquisition, quality and management
  • Business Acumen: Increases staff and stakeholder proficiencies by improving business acumen and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of fund administration and gift compliance
  • Value-Added Service: Broadens and strengthens UF Advancement’s value-add proposition by ensuring service delivery is aligned with, and responsive to, the needs of the university
  • Facilities: Creates best-in-class facilities that position the organization for growth; offers Gold Standard meeting/event support and enhanced service and guest relations
  • Risk Management: Integrates risk management best practices with organizational strategy

Team Listing


David Christie
Associate Vice President/Chief Operating Officer
352-392-5475      click to email

Mike Barsaleau
Senior Director of Risk Management
352-392-8924      click to email

Mike Johnson
Assistant Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
352-392-5497      click to email

Idania Sanchez
Operations Administrative Assistant
352-392-7761      click to email

Advancement Intelligence

Audrey Geoffroy
Assistant Vice President
352-392-8306      click to email

Computer Services

Ryan Komanski
Senior IT Technology Systems Analyst
352-392-8466      click to email

Daniel Molnar
IT Technology Administrator
352-846-3611      click to email

Xenia Romanoff-Wacasey
IT Help Desk Assistant
352-392-5498      click to email

Robin Roundtree
Senior Access Control Administrator
352-392-9874      click to email

Data Services

James McCombie
Assistant Director of Data Services
352-846-3639      click to email

Ashley Elliott
Data Analyst
click to email

Brian Hill
Senior Data Analyst
352-846-2315      click to email

Bill Lentzsch
Data Services Reporting Associate
352-392-0624      click to email

Xiao Liu
Interim Lead Data Solutions Analyst
352-392-6402      click to email

Timothy Young
Data Scientist
352-846-3544      click to email

Development Information Systems

Gabrielle Sanders
Senior Director
352-392-5974      click to email

Dorothy Anderson
Lead Database Reporting Analyst
352-392-0229      click to email

Drew Bernard
Systems Analyst
352-392-8923      click to email

Anirudh Bhagat
Data Integration Associate
352-392-5981      click to email

Amber Cochran
Senior Database Reporting Analyst
352-846-2037      click to email

Ellen De La Cruz
Associate Director
352-392-8584      click to email

Jim Fliess
Database Reporting Associate
352-392-4826      click to email

Joe Kirkham
Data Integration Associate
352-392-7634      click to email

Mangesh Shettigar
Database Reporting Associate
352-392-5972      click to email


Valencia Cromarty
Senior Fiscal Assistant
352-392-9878      click to email

Nancy DiMaggio
Disbursement Processor
352-392-9881      click to email

Shakia Forrest
Disbursement Auditor
352-392-9881      click to email

David Woods
Director of Gift Compliance
352-392-0743      click to email

Facilities Management

Tracie Phillips
Interim Assistant Director of Facilities Operations
352-392-1695      click to email

Rosalind Pastrana
Facilities Management Assistant
352-392-1629      click to email

Mike Ramey
Facilities Operations Manager
352-392-8129      click to email

Finance and Accounting

James House
352-846-1487      click to email

Tara Boonstra
Legal Counsel
352-392-8418      click to email

Lorraine Burton
Administrative Assistant
352-392-9503      click to email

Krystle Castillo
352-392-2827      click to email

Michelle Cummings
352-846-1487      click to email

Iwona Esser
Accountant, General Accounting
352-392-2154      click to email

Sharon Guarascio
Senior Fiscal Assistant
352-392-5971      click to email

J.A. Lopez
Associate Controller
352-392-5958      click to email

Arriel Raghoo
Assistant Controller
352-846-3616      click to email

Patrick Sell
Interim Senior Director of Disbursements, Fund Utilization, & Gi
352-846-3444      click to email

Tanya Spaulding
Senior Fiscal Assistant
352-392-5971      click to email

Kenneth Verner
Accountant, Asset Management
352-392-5919      click to email

Gifts and Records

Maggie Fischer
352-392-8308      click to email

Stephanie Akers
Gifts & Records Manager
352-392-0368      click to email

Martha Banff
Gifts & Records Manager
352-392-3804      click to email

Christina Capra
Gifts and Records Analyst
352-392-8998      click to email

Shenitta Cason-Daniels
Gifts & Records Lead Analyst
352-392-0096      click to email

Kathy Crews
Gifts and Records Analyst
352-392-8303      click to email

Julie Dicks
Assistant Director
352-392-7544      click to email

Dawn Dickson
Gifts & Records Lead Analyst
352-392-8091      click to email

Hunter Gair
Gifts and Records Analyst
352-392-9883      click to email

Alice Hamler
Gifts and Records Analyst
352-846-3536      click to email

Ali Hill
Assistant Director
352-392-8079      click to email

Alec Maratea
Gifts & Records Analyst
352-392-5496      click to email

Maricar Molisak
Gifts and Records Specialist
352-392-3982      click to email

Deborah Moss
Gifts and Records Lead Analyst
352-392-7645      click to email

Carol Petty
Gifts and Records Specialist
352-392-4775      click to email

Fawn Robinson
Gifts & Records Analyst
352-392-0087      click to email

Erin Sapienza-Scott
Assistant Director of Program Management & Data Integrity
352-392-5865      click to email

Velma Williams
Gifts and Records Manager
352-392-9877      click to email

Program Management

Jessica Feagle
Interim Associate Director
352-392-7624      click to email

Tonya Burningham
Program Management Administrator
352-392-7760      click to email

Deb Kinney
Program Management Coordinator
352-392-7621      click to email

Jennifer Ramey
Program Management Coordinator
352-392-5402      click to email

Project Management and Business Analysis

Kim Blackburn
Interim Director of Project Management & Business Analysis
352-392-9879      click to email

Alan Ballou
Business Systems Analyst
352-392-7502      click to email

Daniel Caruso
Lead Business Analyst
352-846-3579      click to email

Shauna Clifton
Business Systems Analyst
352-392-2823      click to email

Diane Horton
Technical Project Manager
352-846-3609      click to email

Micah Hyle
Technical Project Manager
352-392-8310      click to email

Paul Jaworsky
Technical Project Manager
click to email

Elaine Mitchum
Business System Analyst
352-392-8078      click to email

Liz Ouligian
Training & Change Management Specialist
352-392-6296      click to email

Priya Patil
Business Systems Analyst
352-392-7775      click to email

Melissa Smith
Interim Senior Project Manager
352-846-3649      click to email

Din Sunnatov
PMBA Team Coordinator
352-846-2806      click to email

Prospect Strategy and Research

Renee` Damore
Director of Prospect Strategy & Research
352-846-3445      click to email

John Bratton
Assistant Director, Health Science Center Vertical
352-392-9533      click to email

Melissa Desai
Research Analyst
352-392-571      click to email

Rebecka Gaines
Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-392-1799      click to email

Katie Garcia
Assistant Director, Academic/Cultural Vertical
352-392-8982      click to email

John Hinrichs
Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-392-7537      click to email

John Howard
Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-392-6297      click to email

Amy Jones
Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-392-5227      click to email

Kathy McDonald
Senior Prospect Strategy Analyst
352-846-2750      click to email

Taylor Morrison
Research Analyst
click to email

Kady Pyle
Prospect Stragety Analyst
352-846-2820      click to email

Katie Walker
Interim Senior Prospect Strategy Analyst, Strategic Initiativ
352-846-3607      click to email