Serve & Steward

Ensures ethical management of alumni and donor information, while providing high-quality financial, information and technology services. The team consists of Data Services, Donor Relations, Facilities, Finance and Accounting, Technology Services and Legal Services.

  • Donor Investment and Fund Management: Enhances the impact of donor investments
  • Data Integrity: Leverages relationships with university and industry partners to ensure data acquisition, quality and management
  • Business Acumen: Increases staff and stakeholder proficiencies by improving business acumen and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of fund administration and gift compliance
  • Value-Added Service: Broadens and strengthens UF Advancement’s value-add proposition by ensuring service delivery is aligned with, and responsive to, the needs of the university
  • Facilities: Creates best-in-class facilities that position the organization for growth; offers Gold Standard meeting/event support and enhanced service and guest relations
  • Risk Management: Integrates risk management best practices with organizational strategy
  • Wow Stewardship: Engages and steward donors through a comprehensive campaign donor relations strategy and structure

Team Listing


Karen Sprague
Chief Operating Officer/Associate VP
352-392-5499, ksprague@uff.ufl.edu 

David Christie
Assistant Vice President/CFO
352-392-5475, dchristie@uff.ufl.edu 

Heidi Hansen
Administrative Assistant
352-392-5402, hhansen@uff.ufl.edu 

Business Process Management

Ken Seebeck
352-392-5982, kseebeck@uff.ufl.edu 

Anay Humane
Application Programmer
352-392-0694, ahumane@uff.ufl.edu 

Regina Robbert
Intranet Coordinator/Designer
352-392-8921, rrobbert@uff.ufl.edu 

Michael Truluck
Application Programmer
352-392-7752, mtruluck@uff.ufl.edu 

Computer Services

Dwayne Vidi
Director of Technology
352-392-5916, dvidi@uff.ufl.edu 

Ryan Komanski
Network Help Desk Administrator
352-392-8466, rkomanski@uff.ufl.edu 

Jared McCaslin
Network System Analyst II
352-392-8919, jmccaslin@uff.ufl.edu 

Colby McCulley
Database/Network Systems Administrator
352-392-7772, cmcculley@uff.ufl.edu 

Adam Meyer
Database/Network Systems Analyst III
352-392-8985, ameyer@uff.ufl.edu 

Tyler Raymond
IT Support Specialist
352-846-3634, traymond@uff.ufl.edu 

Xenia Romanoff-Wacasey
Help Desk Assistant
352-392-5498, xromanoffwacasey@uff.ufl.edu 

Robin Roundtree
Access Control Administrator
352-392-9874, rroundtree@uff.ufl.edu 

Data Services

Audrey Geoffroy
Senior Director of Data Services
352-392-8306, ageoffroy@uff.ufl.edu 

Bill Lentzsch
Data Services Reporting Associate
352-392-0624, blentzsch@uff.ufl.edu 

James McCombie
Integrated Project Analyst
352-846-3639, jmccombie@uff.ufl.edu 

Development Information Systems

Gabrielle Fellenz
Director of Information Systems
352-392-5974, gfellenz@uff.ufl.edu 

Dorothy Anderson
Database Reporting Analyst
352-392-0229, danderson@uff.ufl.edu 

Andrew Bernard
Database Reporting Associate
352-392-8923, abernard@uff.ufl.edu 

Amber Cochran
Senior Database/Reporting Analyst
352-846-2037, acochran@uff.ufl.edu 

Ellen De La Cruz
Assistant Director
352-392-8584, edelacruz@uff.ufl.edu 

Jim Fliess
Database Reporting Associate
352-392-4826, jfliess@uff.ufl.edu 

Joe Kirkham
Database Reporting Associate
352-392-7634, jkirkham@uff.ufl.edu 


Kathy Croley
Reimbursement Specialist, OPS
352-392-5865, kcroley@uff.ufl.edu 

Valencia Cromarty
Senior Fiscal Assistant
352-392-9878, vcromarty@uff.ufl.edu 

Maureen McNally
Senior Fiscal Assistant
352-392-9881, mmcnally@uff.ufl.edu 

Donor Relations

Sarah E. Sims
Executive Director
352-392-5976, ssims@uff.ufl.edu 

Claire Burns
Associate Director of Donor Programs
352-392-7762, cburns@uff.ufl.edu 

Megan Christopherson
Interim Associate Director of Donor Engagement
352-392-5862, mchristopherson@uff.ufl.edu 

Micah Hyle
Assistant Director of Stewardship & Data
352-392-8310, mhyle@uff.ufl.edu 

Patrick Sell
Director of Stewardship
352-846-3444, psell@uff.ufl.edu 

Rachel Smith
Donor Relations Assistant
352-392-3881, rasmith@uff.ufl.edu 

Finance and Accounting

Mike Johnson
352-392-5497, mjohnson@uff.ufl.edu 

Lorraine Burton
Administrative Assistant
352-392-9503, lburton@uff.ufl.edu 

Iwona Esser
352-392-2154, iesser@uff.ufl.edu 

Sharon Guarascio
Senior Fiscal Assistant
352-392-5971, sguarascio@uff.ufl.edu 

J.A. Lopez
Assistant Controller
352-392-5958, jlopez@uff.ufl.edu 

Randy Settle
Senior Advisor
352-392-5863, rsettle@uff.ufl.edu 

Kenneth Verner
352-392-5919, kverner@uff.ufl.edu 

Janet White
Fiscal Assistant
352-392-5920, jwhite@uff.ufl.edu 

Gifts and Records