Henry J. Alvarez Memorial Fund

Fund Purpose
Support the Oral History Program.

The Henry J. Alvarez Memorial Fund celebrates the passion and enthusiasm Henry had around his experiences with the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program.

Henry flourished personally and intellectually during his time with the program. Many of those experiences helped form his view on society in a curious, kind, and caring manner. He learned to engage others, ask the difficult questions and handle the difficult answers in search of preserving the personal history of those he encountered. Henry always enjoyed the experience of a journey, from his travel to Peru as a teen, family trips visiting historical cities on the east coast, his solo trip to the Pacific NW for his 18th birthday and the Mississippi Delta excursion with UF.

It is our hope that the Henry J. Alvarez Memorial Fund celebrates his life and love of the journey. In that light, his family would like to provide financial support to benefit the program’s various field projects.

The Samuel Proctor Oral History Program is an award-winning social-justice research center engaged in experiential learning initiatives all over the world. The team of student researchers, interns, volunteers, and staff are dedicated to gathering, preserving, and promoting living histories of individuals from all walks of life.

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