Osprey Cam Support Fund

Supports the Osprey Cam in the UF/IFAS Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation.

They are back! Talon (the father) and Stella (the mother) built a new nest in the same location after the bank of lights were switched out for more efficient LEDs. Professor Mark Hostetler, who is an urban wildlife ecologist in the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation at the University of Florida, has been watching with earnest to see if they would rebuild. He helped direct a few structures on the new lights to entice them to rebuild the nest (nicknamed The Cheap Seats or Home Plate). Last year, we had over 70,000 viewers from around the world (learn more). We really got to see the osprey family daily (and nightly) activities. Your contributions were much appreciated.

We hope to put up the camera again in 2024, but we do need another one, as the camera was struck by lightning. Any amount helps and if we have enough funding raised, we will put up the new camera before Talon and Stella come back for the next breeding season. As before, there are monthly charges to host the camera and funds are needed to go up the high pole to maintain it and fix problems. The camera is turned on February 1 and is live until the end of June.

Your support to help fund this project is greatly appreciated.

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