Kenneth C. Griffin Computer Science Education for All Initiative

Fund Purpose
Four million dollars (4,000,000) of the Grant shall be used to establish a non-endowed fund to be known as the "Kenneth C. Griffin Computer Science Education for All Initiative," which shall support initial costs associated with expanding the College's Computer Science Educations programs to reach all future K-12 educators. The University has secured all necessary approvals to name the 5-year Computer Science Education Initiative the "Kenneth C. Griffin Computer Science Education for All Initiative". Use of such name will commence upon receipt of the first installment of the Grant and will continue for the 5-year life of such initiative.

When you support the CSEveryone initiative, you help bring computer science and artificial intelligence education into both K-12 school settings via teacher professional development and resources to help teachers integrate these into their instruction. Current and upcoming initiatives include:

  • Teacher microcredentials – with our microcredentials pre-service and in-service teachers can learn to integrate computer science and artificial intelligence into their daily practice — no prior experience necessary!
  • Teacher Scholarships – help provide funding to support teachers in attending UF Computer Science Education programs so they can expand their skills and bring computer science and AI into their classrooms.
  • Teacher professional development – fund the creation of new computer science and artificial intelligence content and curricula delivered to teachers and districts.
  • District outreach efforts – help us connect with districts across Florida and the country to sustainably spread computer science and AI across K-12 schools.
  • A computer science/AI education lending library – from robots to electronic resources, we plan to share what we’ve learned and the tools we use with teachers near and far.


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