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Over 3 billion people cannot afford a healthy diet and over 800 million do not have enough food. About 144 million children under the age of five have stunted growth and development due to a chronic lack of essential nutrients in their diets; 39 million are overweight and 45 million suffer from wasting, the deadliest form of malnutrition.

Global challenges including COVID 19, the Ukraine war and the resulting supply chain problems have worsened global hunger and food and nutrition insecurity because of dramatic increases in prices of fertilizer, fuel and food.

The GFSI Food and Nutrition Security Fund supports activities that improve the availability, affordability, accessibility of nutrient-rich foods to vulnerable people in low- and middle-income countries, particularly pregnant and lactating women and children.

GFSI faculty and partners are researching new solutions to improve food and nutrition security through:

  • Developing more productive, climate-smart and resilient crop, livestock, and aquaculture farming systems
  • Devising diet fortification and supplementation strategies that supply nutrients lacking in staple diets
  • Developing methods for adapting farming practices and lives to a changing climate
  • Examining options for more effective control of pests and diseases in food chains
  • Improving preservation of food products during storage

For $200, you can feed a mother 2 eggs a day for her child’s first thousand days – improving nutrition of both mothers and babies.

For $3,000, you can provide a student with a travel scholarship to gain first-hand experience about global hunger, food and nutrition insecurity in low- and middle-income countries. Such students become the problem solvers of tomorrow.

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