Smyrk Pratt Pediatric Oncology Fund

Fund Purpose
Support pediatric oncology research.
Will Smyrk

The Smyrk Pratt Pediatric Oncology Fund was founded to support pediatric oncology research with donations from the not-for-profit-concept company, GAINS VILLE™ Apparel. GAINS VILLE™ Apparel was founded with the goal of “Lifting Spirits” through fitness and health in June of 2017 by Will Smyrk, a UF student. “Gains” represents the positive strides that can be made when we support one another. The idea for a fitness apparel company that donates profits to help those overcoming their life challenges grew into GAINS VILLE™ Apparel, which has since made donations to various causes benefiting charities in the Gainesville, FL community.

“Our mission for GAINS VILLE has always been to Lift Spirits,and this collaboration with UF helps carry out that purpose. My team and I are so happy to be supporting the great research that is conducted at UF Health. We are all passionate about this cause and hope that our efforts help lessen the burden of children and their parents as they go through a very difficult time.Thank you to everyone for “getting GAINS VILLE”, contributing to our cause, or supporting our mission.This effort could not have grown to what it has become without tremendous support from family, friends,and others. I’m excited to continue watching what an idea can become, when acted upon with the belief that it will make a difference.”

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