Warriors in Agriculture Endowment Fund

Established in honor of Mr. Allan R. Archey, his UDT Frogmen brothers and their children, and the never quit attitude of U.S. Military members and their children. Mr. Archey is a UF alumnus who served in the U.S. Navy’s Underwater Demolition Team in the 1960s.

This scholarship benefits CALS students who qualify as a U.S. veteran who served in the U.S. special operations forces of one of the Service branches. If none meet this requirement, then the funds shall be used to benefit a CALS student who qualifies as a U.S. veteran. If the above criteria are not met, then the scholarship may be awarded to a CALS student whose parent qualifies as a U.S. veteran or is presently serving in a U.S. branch of the military.

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