Aid-A-Gator: General Support

Aid-a-Gator is a unique program that offers financial assistance to members of our community experiencing a temporary hardship.

During this crisis, needs far outstrip currently available resources.

In this time of uncertainty, many students will face difficulties returning to UF to continue their studies. For many, diminished family finances and scarce jobs will result in food insecurity and housing costs that are out of reach. Some of these students will be forced to drop out. As Gators, we should do everything in our power to stop that from happening to the next generation of leaders.

We are recommending the following amounts to support our students:

  • $2,500 Assist with unexpected medical needs or lost wages
  • $1,000 Help a student purchase a laptop, or offset moving/storage expenses
  • $500 Help a student travel home
  • $100 Purchase an e-textbook or a camera for online classes
  • $75 Provide monthly internet service for online classes
  • $50 Help a student purchase weekly groceries
  • $10 Provide a student with a meal

Every dollar you commit will go directly to helping a student.

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