James C. Nicholas Endowed Scholarship in Urban and Regional Planning

James C. Nicholas

This fund was established by a group of donors in 2014 to support scholarships for students in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Florida.

Dr. James C. Nicholas is an emeritus professor of urban and regional planning and an emeritus professor of law at the University of Florida.

Dr. Nicholas has written widely on land, environmental and growth management. His recent publications include: Principles and Practices of Proportionate Share Development Impact Fees; Impact fees and Affordable Housing; Practitioner’s Guide to Development Impact Fees; “Growth Management and Smart Growth in Florida,” in the Wake Forest Law Review; “State and Regional Land Use Planning: The Evolving Role of the State,” in the St. Johns University Law Review; and “Transferable Development Rights and Alternatives After Suitum,” Urban Lawyer.

In addition to his academic duties, Dr. Nicholas has worked with many national, state, regional and local governments in coping with the problems of environmental and land management.

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