Dr. John Henry Davis, Jr., Graduate Fellowship in Botany

This fund was established in 2012 by Susan and James Wiltshire to support a graduate student or students in the botany major track conducting field work in plant ecology at the University of Florida.

This fellowship is named in honor of Susan’s father, John H. Davis, Jr., a UF professor emeritus. John was the first botany professor at the University. His work on mangroves are globally renowned, and his monograph on peat in South Florida rose to the forefront when scientists began planning the restoration of the Everglades. John’s 1940s map of the Vegetation of South Florida still serves as the baseline for the ecosystems that once covered the landscape in that region.

John passed away in 1978.

Susan earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Florida in 1955. James earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and industrial engineering from the University of Florida in 1954 and 1957, respectivel

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