Drs. Martin and Sandra Fackler Director of Health Science Center Libraries Endowment

Martin and Sandra Fackler

Drs. Martin and Sandra Fackler established this endowment in 2011 to support education, research, clinical and outreach activities of the Director of the Health Science Center Libraries at the University of Florida’s George A. Smathers Libraries. The Health Science Center Libraries are the first health science or medical library in Florida to have an endowed faculty position. This is also the first endowed faculty position in the University of Florida library system.

Martin was a retired Colonel in the US Army’s Medical Corps. He was a battlefield surgeon in Vietnam, and later head of the Wound Ballistics Laboratory at the Letterman Army Institute of Research. He is credited with a number of innovations in the field of terminal ballistics.

He has said that the Health Science Center Library was a key factor in his decision to move to Gainesville.

Sandra Fackler is retired from the University of Florida Foundation, Inc.

Martin passed away in 2015.

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