Jennie Petkavage Scholarship Fund in the College of Medicine

Fund Purpose
CyPres: Support scholarships to COM students who, regardless of each of the applicant's own gender or race, demonstrate: (1) success in overcoming barriers or helping others to overcome barriers (including low socioeconomic background) to academic pursuit or achievement in medicine; (2) commitment to breaking down barriers and creating a welcoming environment that includes and supports the success of individual who are women or others from racial minority groups (or otherwise reflect broad diversity) in academic, co-curricular, and research endeavors in the medical college; (3) commitment to contributing to the medical college and larger community. (See Memorandum)

This fund was established in 2010 by the estate of Jennie Petkavage to support scholarships to University of Florida College of Medicine students.

Jennie lived in Delray Beach, FL and passed away in 200

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