Hager, Wilson and Geiser Math Education Endowment Fund

Fund Purpose
GA: approx 2/3 to support one or more lecturers annually in the Mathematics Dept; speakers for the lectures should be chosen by a committee selected by the Math Dept Chair; annually the Math Dept Chair should rotate the members of the selection committee and their fields of research; should be a balance between the numbers of lectures in fiedls of Pure Mathematics and Applies Mathematics; approx 1/3 will support UFTeach.

This fund was established in 2009 by Dongxing Wang, who holds a UF master’s degree in Computer and Information Sciences from 1995, in honor of three UF professors who influenced him the most; Edward Geiser, William Hager, and David Wilson. Dr. Geiser is a clinical cardiologist, the director of the Echocardiography Research Laboratory, as well as a Professor of Medicine. Dr. Hager and Dr. Wilson are professors in the Department of Mathematics.

This fund will support invited lectures in the Mathematics Department and also provide general support to the UF Teach Program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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