Rosenberg Family Florida Opportunity Scholarship Endowment

Fund Purpose
GA: Support scholarship awards to Florida Opportunity Scholars. If such program is no longer in existence, the scholarship will be granted to first generation Florida students from low income families. (See GA)

This fund was established by Jason and Denise Rosenberg in 2009 to support academically gifted first-generation college students who meet the admissions criteria at the University of Florida in support of their desire to become Gators.

Jason and Denise, both Gators themselves, established this endowment to enable first-generation college students to become a part of the University of Florida, hoping that in turn, the University of Florida will become a part of them. They believe strongly that their experiences at the University of Florida were, and continue, to be life-changing.

Jason is a part of the first generation in his family to attend college. Jason’s grandfather came to America from Russia at the turn of the 20th century hoping to provide a better future for his family by selling sour cream in an open-air market on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. His son drove a NYC taxi. Jason’s father attended a city college in New York, but was unable to complete his education due to financial constraints. It was the hope of Jason’s parents that his generation would attend and complete college. Jason and Denise now expect that their children will do the same. Understanding the transformative shift from hope to expectation that education provides, they intend that this endowment will transform families for generations to come.

Dr. Rosenberg earned a Bachelors, Masters, and Doctor of Medicine degree all from the University of Florida. He is a reconstructive microsurgeon practicing in Gainesville, Florida where he and Denise are raising their four children. They support the University of Florida in various capacities in hopes of paying forward the incredible debt they owe to their alma mate

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