Distinguished Professor Goran Hyden’s Fellowship Fund

Fund Purpose
Support students doing research in Africa with summer stipends to accomplish field research; students can be US or foreign citizens or graduate students/undergraduates from UF or foreign universities working in the intellectual tradition of Disinguished Professor Goran Hyden.

Distinguished Professor Goran Hyden is the author of 10 books, edited 13 volumes, published over 50 articles in peer review journals and over 60 book chapters besides an long series of professional reports on development projects and policies. His studies of African politics and society in Beyond Ujamaa in Tanzania: Underdevelopment and an Uncaptured Peasantry and the classic No Shortcuts to Progress have inspired more than one generation of scholars worldwide. He launched important development concepts such as ‘the uncaptured peasantry’, the ‘state suspended in mid-air above society’, the ‘economy of affection, and the most influential ‘governance’ concept. His many contributions to the fields of Public Policy, Public Administration and Public Law have been recognized by organizations like the World Bank, UNICEF, the African Development Bank, the United Nations and the United States Congress.
In recognition of the stellar contributions Goran Hyden made to the fields of political science and development, the University of Florida is establishing the Goran Hyden Fund. This fund will support students who are pursuing a graduate level degree in Political Science in the spirit of Goran’s own work. On a yearly basis, a scholarship will be awarded to a PhD or Masters student who has demonstrated real intentions in working upon graduation, in the area of development and public policy for the benefit of the African continent. We invite you to join us in helping to establish the Goran Hyden Endowment. Your gift will help make this goal possible and will honor a man whose profession transformed the field of public administration worldwide.
Professor Goran Hyden is one of the few individuals who served on the faculty of all three of the founding universities in East Africa. He was a lecturer in Political Science at Makerere University in Uganda (1965-1967); a Senior Lecturer in Government at the University of Nairobi (1968-1971); and a Professor in Political Science at the University of Dar es Salaam (1972-1977). These were formative years for these universities, and Professor Hyden gave himself fully to their development and growth.
He came to University of Florida in 1986 after a series of appointments and visiting positions at Brown University, Dartmouth College, Ford Foundation, and University of California – Berkeley. Throughout his lifetime, Professor Goran Hyden established himself as a man interested in making a difference in the world. During his teaching career he touched many lives in Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States, and contributed to the advancement of both Political Science and Public Administration, while at the same time shaping both development policy and practice around the world. He has served on numerous international academic and foundation boards and editorial committees, and was the President of the African Studies Association from 1994 to 1995.

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