Tere Zubizarreta Graduate Student Fund

Fund Purpose
GA: support graduate students in the Advertising Dept of the College of Journalism and Communications, with preference given to students with financial need and who have done community service.

Tere Zubizarreta

This fund was established in 2008 by Zubi Advertising in honor of its founder, Tere Zubizarreta. Zubizarreta started Zubi Advertising in 1972 with $465 — it is now one of the country’s largest agencies specializing in advertising to Hispanic markets in Spanish and English with 115 employees, four offices and billings of $195 million. She became the first Cuban-American to serve on the United Way of America’s national board, co-founded Facts About Cuban Exiles (FACE), and was also active with La Liga Contra el Cáncer. She passed away in 200

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